Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume

I am asked often if it is important to include a home address on a resume.  The answer is that it should be decided based on the job you are applying for, on a case by case basis.  Here are a few things to consider in making the decision.

Conservative managers may be concerned:

Some hiring managers will not consider applicants who do not provide an address as a traditional resume typically lists your home address.  Managers who have been hiring for many years may assume this is something that should be included because this was once common practice.  To these conservative managers your resume may seem incomplete, and they may wonder if you are trying to hide something or just lacking attention to detail.

It may affect whether an employer even looks at your resume:

Employers may be concerned about your commute if you live a lengthy distance from the location of the job.  They may feel that this will affect your commitment to the position or the amount of time you might stay with the company.  A long commute may cause stress to an individual causing an employee to leave a job.  Unfortunately, in this situation, before they read the rest of your resume they will simply toss it aside.

If you are applying for a position that is in a different city listing your address may cause the employer to refuse your resume.  However, if you leave your address off of your resume but all of your employment history shows that you have worked in another city then the employer may also exclude your resume.  In this case, if you are willing or are planning on moving to another city it is important to state this either in your cover letter or resume in order to be noticed.  Adding a line such as “relocating to Vancouver, BC” can instantly put you in the pile of potential candidates.

Local residency is a requirement of the job.

For some jobs being a local resident is a requirement and in these cases an address will be expected on your resume.  For example, most government and civil service jobs require a permanent address to be listed on your resume.  If the job posting lists a specific location it is important that you include this in order to be considered for the position.  If the recruiter needs to hunt for the required information they will likely not be interested in contacting you.

The job positing may be fraudulent.

A job positing on a third party site may be fraudulent.  Do a quick web search of the company, this can sometimes help determine if the posting is a scam.  If possible, read reviews by former employees on review sites.  After doing your research, if you decide the company is a legitimate business and fraud is not a concern, never include identifying information such as your age, date of birth, marital status, social insurance number, or driver’s license number.  This information is not relevant when you are applying for a job.

Most communications regarding open positions are now done online.  Therefore, in most cases, leaving your address off your resume should not affect your chances of receiving a call for an interview.  If they decide to hire you, they will ask for your physical address at that time. In any case, when deciding what information to include on your resume, whether it’s your address, work experience, goals, etc., it is important to keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get hired.  You want to make it easy for the employer to see how you qualify for the job.

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