Resumes based on education and no work experience

Graduating from university or a post-secondary institution can be one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life.  The possibilities seem endless.  However once you start putting your resume out into the world, you may find the doors are not flying open as you had expected.  So how does a person with education in a particular field but little to no experience get noticed.

Here is an example of a resume for an individual who has graduated with a Human Resource Management Diploma but has not had the opportunity to work directly in the field.  The section at the top of the document highlights the key features of this individuals education.  It demonstrates her ability to take what she has learned while in school and transfer it into the workplace.  The next section is her education.  It was placed close to the top of her resume to highlight her completed program as this is the main experience she has in Human Resources.

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This next example takes the same situation but adds some volunteer experience.  Here our applicant decided to add to her resume by completing some volunteer experience in her field.  In this resume the volunteer experience is placed under the professional experience section instead of under a separate volunteer experience section. This is because, in this situation, the applicants volunteer experience is more relevant to the positions she would be applying for then her actual work experience. (For more information on how to list work experience on your resume click here) The other thing to note is that the education section is listed at the end of the resume.  In this example the recruiter will likely note the applicants experience and will then scan the rest of the resume for the education section.  So in this case, where her education is located on her resume is not relevant.


It can be difficult to start off or transition into a field in which you have limited experience.  How you market yourself on your resume is key to getting noticed by potential employers.  If you are struggling with your resume or would like to see more examples of resumes please contact us.

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